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Using a keyword optimization tool has to be one of the best methods of optimizing and ranking a Wordpress blog for the newbie webmaster

If you have started an affiliate or network marketing business and you want to build your own blog the likelihood is that you will be using Wordpress because it is one of the largest blogging platforms available today.

It still shocks many that Wordpress is still a free and still offers a high quality and professional platform, which I believe is the reason for it being a popular choice among the online marketing crowd.

Its popularity has also made it a popular choice with the plugin developers that over the years have been creating some great marketing plugins, giving the platform even more worth for the online entrepreneur. One of these plugin tool that has come to light is called SEOPressor.

Keyword optimization tool

This tool is newish to the market and so a few years ago I started using it to see if it would do what it said it would and found that it was one of the most effective SEO tools around. I of course use it on Wordpress, but I have found that it is quite effective optimizing my content in Wordpress and transferring it to my landing pages or website with great results.

In addition, I found that it worked so well that I install it in all of my blogs, which in short term paid for itself many time over. For the small business, online entrepreneur, internet marketer or network marketer there is a need for something that will speed up the optimizing process. So, when someone asks me they are looking for the best possible search engine optimization plugin for their Wordpress business blog that won't let them down, the only tool I can seriously suggest is SEOPressor.

When used correctly SEOPressor will push your article, webpage or blog to the first page of the major search engines and in most cases in the top three places.

I suggest the SEOPressor optimization tool to a friend of mind, who just start offering services to local businesses and has first question was and rightly so, why SEOPressor? Well, I said, "It works very differently than other SEO platforms online" and he replied, "OK why is it so different?" my reply is below....

Why is this SEOPressor keyword optimization tool so different?

SEOPressor is unique which is unusual for a online SEO optimization tool because this one calculates the worthiness of a particular website, blog or article. In addition, by using parameters it takes into account the particulars in a website analysing weather it will rank well on search engines or not by given a score out of 100. And best the results correspond exactly with what a superlative tool such as Google Analytics will show you.

SEOPressor SEO ranking platform

I have been working with the rules of basic SEO for some years, however using training platforms such as "Google Sniper" and getting great results. However, SEOPressor uses all these concepts and theories and dissects your Wordpress blog in detail, giving you the vital information needed while twitching your blog. All at the same time given you amazing results.

SEOPressor is the top SEO tool on the market because it will tell you if you have placed the keywords in the right place or not. Also, it will tell you what type of format such as H1, H2 or H3 the keywords titles should be and how much influence the images will have on the ranking of the blog, webpage or article.

If you have made a mistake or error by over optimizing your content this system will help find a solution, so you get the absolute top ranked position in the major search engines. While at the same time SEOPressor continuously monitors your sites telling you exactly where you need to optimize and what is running smoothly in order to bring up the ranking of your website.

Most effective SEO tools

The innovative product

If there is a down side to this product even though I personally have been using it for the last few years is the fact that it is an innovative software, using new techniques and methods to rank websites and blogs. However, latest upgrading is already compatible with the latest Wordpress platform which many other search engine optimization tools are not able to achieve.

Why are people so confident to use this tool?

I think the reason why people like myself jumped into this plug-in in the early days was because we were really confident as well as hopeful that SEOPressor would work and solve an age old problem for webmaster, affiliate marketers and online marketers of simplifies a very, very complex issue of optimizing our webpages, blogs and content.

What made it even more attractive was its easy set up, there was no installation, just a simple download. Even though the software is able to self drive your blog to ranking success, ultimately financial success as well as being one of the the best SEO platform available for small businesses.

Why does SEOPressor work so much better than other platforms?

Many of us were asking in the early stages why the results of SEOPressor were in sink with Google Analytics own results. We only found out recently that they were using an algorithm that works very similar to the Google search engine does on your website. Its a no-brainer for SEOPressor when they understood what was needed to rank any page, which is why it has made it one of the most famous ranking platforms in the world today.

SEO optimization tool online

Who has developed the SEOPressor keyword optimization tool?

If you haven't heard of Daniel Tan you will from now on if you work in the online marketing industry for very long, because he is one of the top search engine optimization players and gurus in the world today. Even though SEOPressor is his baby he has been developing other marketing online programs such as Backlinks Syndication System, the Rank Mover, the Ultimate RSS Joiner and the Press Release Cash Cow. These have all been seen as major developments in the online marketing industry, however the real genius came with SEOPressor.

To find out more about the best SEO optimization tool online, click on the learn more link on this page and start ranking your online business today.

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